Roger Vivier, the buckle, has been a symbol of understated style for the inde¬pendent woman the world over since the 1960s. Roger Vivier has seduced the most elegant and fascinating of women the world over. In 1953, He sent the young Elizabeth to the English throne in a pair of “golden kid sandals embroidered with assorted garnets to match her crown. Roger Vivier was all about moving forwards, evolving, changing with the times, modernism meeting modernity. After he passed away, his torch has been passed to Bruno Frisoni, Creative Director, whose sensitive but strong reinterpretation of Vivier’s spirit through this new bag, footwear and accessories line for the brand. Pushing the limits of conventional design while still respecting the golden rules of balance, he sculpted audacious but pure heel lines: Torpedo, Stem, Comma, Puppet, Choc, Ball, Cancan and Spool. Each season would bring more extravagances and little revolutions to the fragile fashion temple of which his footwear was such an important pillar. Roger Vivier is an eloquent response to the needs of the chic but cool woman of today. Practi¬cal yet refined, it offers a personalised sense of detail, bringing luxury within reach yet adhering to the best traditions of exceptional workmanship and flair associated with the high end of La Mode.

Location : GF, Emporium
Tel : 02-664-8442


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